To do

Walks around the TaiObe chalet

How to spend a healthy and romantic weekend after a week spent in the chaos and smog of Milan?
Easy, easy, easy: walk, stroll, walk!

TaiObe is an excellent starting point for a multitude of trails, with difficulty and extension ranging from a short ten-minute walk with children and dogs in the woods to the extremely demanding trekking of the Val Brembana, Val Seriana and Valtellina. of this range there is for example the tour of the hill, half an hour with a slow pace in the middle of meadows and woods, There is also the path around the park of the Golf Albenza, also known as tour of the park Roccolone, to Almenno S.Salvatore: six fun kilometers between plateaus and small ups and downs, surrounded by nature, often frequented by both families and runners.

Very nice and relaxing even the hilly ride from Gromlongo to Grombosco, a couple of hours between well-marked paths and mountain roads, where the cars that pass every hour are counted on the elbows of a single arm ... Another very satisfying path is the climb to Mount Canto (not to be confused with Mount Canto Alto, on the other side of the province). Approximately three hundred meters of difference in height, with alternative routes, from the dirt road in the woods to the unmarked paths on its gentle ridges.

For those who want to go higher, or longer, there is the ascent to Mount Linzone, from the top of which you can enjoy a unique view, over the entire Po Valley, until you see Monte Rosa and Monviso. There are about five hundred meters in altitude, about an hour or so of CAI pass, in a traditional mountain path, half in the woods and then on high-altitude pastures.

There are many others, from the ascent to the Tre Faggi, Mount Resegone (1850m), Il Tracciolino in Valtellina, the tour of Lake Como and Lecco, Valsassina, Val Seriana ... In short, all the Orobiche valleys within reach of chalets TaiObe.In extremis, even a simple BBQ in the garden, forty centimeters of vertical drop, two meters away from home, hours and hours of joy ...

Good Trik Trak Trek!

Visit to the vineyard - Le Driadi slow farm

A few minutes from TaiObe and just in front of Exphera there are the vineyards of the Le Driadi farm, born from the recovery of an abandoned vineyard.
In their winery the grapes are cultivated according to organic farming rules, and their approach is inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. 
All processes in the vineyard are manual, following the rhythm of nature. They try to limit treatments, the use of machinery in the vineyard, leaf pulling and thinning, as their winemaking is absolutely natural. 
The “Vineyard Experience” is a complete visit to the vineyard with the owners.
You’ll learn about biodynamic and organic culture, you’ll tour the vineyard, visit the cellar, learn about winemaking and observe the current winemaking phase.
The visit will end with wine tasting (their wine, and also other wines produced by our neighbours) and local food (cheeses and cold cuts).
For appointments: Gabriella Aleandri Chenet: +39 3924739041- Luciano Chenet: +39 3924478942

Leolandia amusement park

For children of all ages, a recharge of emotions and carefree fun, with thematic areas and forty attractions for children and adults.
To enjoy with your child the emotion of becoming a real pirate on the vessel or a brave cowboy on the craziest trunks of the west.
Dreams come true, meeting the most beloved characters of cartoons and the magic of the incredible shows offered by this amusement park.
You can live with serenity the visit even with newborns or with those who take the first steps, the park is equipped with comfortable nursery with slippers and hot chick and a rental service of stroller.
Request information on how to get discounts on entrance tickets through the TaiObe 2017 promotional agreement

Accompaniments in caves for beginners

With the support of the CAI of Bergamo we can organize accompaniments for small groups in nearby caves, very simple and within reach of children.
The typical speleo baptism is done in the Europa cave of Bedulita or in the Tamba di Laxolo but we can also organize more demanding caves or easier visits to the mine.
A unique and unforgettable experience as unimaginable: not tourist caves with walkways and lamp posts but helmet and light at the head of the adventure in meanders and tunnels, large or small depending on the ability and willingness of everyone to experience new emotions and situations.

QC Terme di San Pellegrino

Twenty minutes from TaiObe you can reach the Terme di San Pellegrino and enjoy promotions and discounts thanks to the convention activated for our guests. Hot tubs, Kneipp path, waterfalls, saunas and relaxing lounges, where you can regenerate yourself and enjoy a thermal bath in one of the most famous places in the history of spa. The ancient spa treatments leave, today, space for a new form of wellbeing, embraced by wonders of the past, where frescoes, colonnades and ceilings of the early twentieth century come together unexpectedly with architectures and installations of modern design.

Tata-O wellness center in Palazzago

A few hundred meters from the TaiObe chalet, the Tata-o Family Spa center is dedicated to the well-being of the whole family with equipped and equipped spaces. The Ocean pool with heated water and hydromassage area, ideal for relaxing adults, also welcomes children with incredible games and lots of freedom. On some days of the week, the Spa with steam baths, Finnish sauna, soft saline sauna, Kneipp path, ice waterfall, relaxation areas and the Goccia tub becomes FAMILY SPA. A simple but important concept: well-being is for everyone! By adjusting the temperature of the hottest cabins, the rooms become suitable even for younger guests, to experience a magical dimension, pleasant aromas and new sensations with mom and dad.
The Family Spa is open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition to the area dedicated to massages and holistic treatments, Tata-or reserves parents the opportunity to spend moments of exclusive relaxation in the Private SPA